Halonen, Ban Ki Moon, Stubb

DSCF1379Kirje Ban Ki Moonille presidentti Halosen kautta 24.10.2011

Parahin presidenttimme

Pyytäisin teitä välittämään alla olevan saunakaverillenne
Ban Ki Moonille, koska en löydä suoraa s-postiyhteyttä
hänelle. (Voitte itsekin lukaista kirjeen –  olettehan
samassa veneessä osoitettuanne myötämielisyytenne
NATOn johtamalle hyökkäykselle Libyaan. Kuinka toivoi-
sinkaan, että joku vetäisi tapin irti yhteisestä venhos-

General Secretary Ban Ki Moon, MD (Most Disgraceful)

As Secretary General of the UN, who, according to you own words, are keen on upholding the highest ethical standards, you should have the ethics to resign from your post. You tote the murdering of Muammar Gaddafi and the preceding seven months of devastating war in pursuit of the murder of Gaddafi as a victory to the Libyan people. Have you no regard for justice and truth? UN resolution 1973 was given birth to against UN’s own regulations. Libyan state was denied official representation in the case. The verdict was based more on hearsay than actual proven facts. And what about the 216 days of bombing Libya? Don’t you have any regard for human lives or suffering? Was the war an act of peace? Did it empower women, for example? Did it empower the hundreds of slain children? Did it improve upon the living conditions of the Libyan people? Have you not seen video footage and photographs showing the reality of the NATO led war? Slain Libyan soldier’s bodies disgraced in public in most horrendous ways, towns looking like Dresden after WW II. War crime after war crime. And finally the brutal murder of Muammar Gaddafi, the murder, that was stated as the final goal of the war at it’s outset. You have established the murder of any head of any state as an internationally legitimate way for regime change, the doctrine held so dear by the USA. You may utter meaningless platitudes about your desire for peace, prosperity, equality and so on to cover your tracks, but the truth is you are an essential party to a most disgraceful act of imperialism.The war on Libya was just another criminal assault by power-hungry imperialist nations (USA, France, UK) on a sovereign country. Have you not learnt anything from the past, from Iraq or the many other imperial wars brought upon sovereign nations by the USA? In my opinion you are the worst plundering hypocrite ever to rise to the position you are in now. You are nothing but a hound dog (to paraphrase Elvis Presley’s famous rock- song) of the murdering, war-mongering imperialist elite of the USA. And even that is an insult to all hound dogs. Please, have the decency to resign! The world can not endure your style of peace-missions, bringing freedom and prosperity – freedom to plunder and prosperity at the expense of the oppressed to the invading countries.
Please, resign!
With no respect whatsoever
Hannu Koski

P.S. Parahin presidenttimme, toivoisin teidän julkisesti nuhtelevan
kusipäistä kauppaministeri Alex Stubbia hänen erittäin mautto-
masta, häpeällisestä ja sopimattomasta lausunnostaan, jonka hän
päästi suustaan Bryselissä Muammar Gaddafin murhan jälkeen.
Mielestäni suurisuinen mies, jonka kengännumero ylittää hänen
älykkyysosamääränsä, ei sovi edustamaan maatamme missään
tilaisuudessa – ellei sitten saunomisen MM-kisoissa.
Tehän voisitte erota tehtävistänne yhdessä!

Hannu Koski


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